12 Tips for Handling Buyer Rejection

Rejection is one of the biggest apprehensions of people who are considering going into sales. Rejection is difficult to overcome both in life and in sales. The mere utterance of “I’m not interested, thank you” is sometimes enough for a sales person to feel defeated, dispirited. But the hard truth is that rejection is inevitable, especially in sales. Therefore, it is important for sales people to stay positive and persistent.

Fear of rejection is common, especially for those who are only starting out in sales. Here are 12 tips that can help you handle buyer rejection in a healthy and productive way:

Sales Commission Calculator to Increase Sales Success

A commission is a fee that businesses pay their sales persons every time they facilitate or complete a sale. Sales persons work hard for their commissions because it provides them with extra income. For some sales persons, it is their only income.

8 Ideas to Develop a Successful Sales Plan

A successful sales plan is one that outlines your company’s goals, target audience, and your objectives, as well as any potential obstacles. It should also be able to meet the needs of your potential customers.

Any successful company with a sales team has a sales plan.

How You Can Increase Your Sales Pipeline by Improving Lead Generation

The Sales Pipeline is a major part of maximizing sales revenue. If your average sales cycle takes months to close, it is even more important for you to have a clear Sales Pipeline that would allow you to better track the progress of each deal.

Sales is the Lifeblood of Every Organization

Everyone knows that sales is a huge factor in the success of any business - That’s why it is critical that the business owner and his/her team understand the importance of bringing in the sales and making the necessary plans and action early in the business. Nothing happens without a sale. No matter what you do, no matter how good your product is, you cannot get anywhere without a sale. This is so true. Most of us still don’t really understand or appreciate the art and science of sales and the difference between an effective and excellent sales professional. But in order for your company to survive and succeed, you must invest in hiring, training, and managing your sales department.

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